Sanei Super Mario All Star Collection 7" Koopa Troopa Plush, Small


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The Goomba is a member of Bowser’s Koopa Troop and is one of Mario and Luigi’s most persistent foes. This Goomba plush is also made by San-ei and imported from Japan and is part of the Super Mario plush toy collection.

No Mario Plush toy collection would be complete without a Donkey Kong. This Donkey Kong plush is the San-ei officially licensed Japanese import. he likes nothing more than spending his day collecting Bannas.

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    The official Yoshi plush character made by San-ei and imported from Japan. This Yoshi plush is approximately 6″ and is an essential as part of a Mario Plush collection.

    My Mario plush collection.
    My mario plush collection has around 20 Mario plushies and I got all of them off of Ebay or Amazon. Please comment rate sub and like,It would mean a lot(: