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Yes, before we all had a chance to smack the Seventies' greatest "familyscandal" with Fleetwood Mac, we had the Sixties' greatest family scandalwith the Mamas and Papas. These days, too many bands are unjustly accusedof being 'that old hippie shite'; people who throw around these accusationsare usually of the hardcore / heavy metal variety, but quite often it'sjust a rotten tendency to knock off any kind of 'idealism' among the morecynically attuned people. However, when we actually consider the "hippieness"of all those Sixties' American bands, not too many of them turn out tohave been devoted followers of the hippie ideology. The Jefferson Airplane?More in the political sphere than in the social one. The Grateful Dead?Normal downhome guys with a light touch of acid. The Doors? These nevereven had anything to do with the hippie ideology.

Some moved onto to other projects and found success. Drummer Eddie Hoh worked with the Mamas and Papas and The Monkeys. Rock and blues keyboardist Barry Goldberg joined another group, The Electric Flag, which Strazza was also a member of. Goldberg also worked with Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker among other artists on other recordings over the years.

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Okay: I am absolutely sickened by the recent revelation by Mackenzie Phillips about her incestuous relationship with her father, John Phillips, of the Mamas and Papas. Lost Mary Travers in the last several days, and now this. “All my gods have feet of clay.”

Starring Alana Tranter, Michelle Brasier, James Cutler and Evan Lever, four of Australia’s hottest musical theatre talents, along with the sizzling Wonderland Avenue Band, this tour de force concert celebrates all things Mamas and Papas - their lives, their loves and their sensational music.