Will they keep me on? : magic 8 ball responses Reply hazy, try again.

will gary make it happen : magic 8 ball answers As I see it, Yes.

Mystic Emoji Ball

Too low to display
WILL BOM CAME BACK SOON : magic 8 ball says Better not tell you now.

Magic 8 Ball Retro Edition

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Magic 8 Ball


Tu m'aime : online magic 8 ball Without a doubt.

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Oh Kari… I know you don’t actually mean shaking it. The ‘Rules of the Magic 8 Ball’ suggest not actually shaking it. Something about air bubbles and such.
Still, it is very interesting what you are saying about being guided. Hmmm… I never really thought about that. Sure. Why not?
Also interesting is I have a rather neglected website at . If there were only more hours in the day. :/
Thanks for visiting and for your comment. I appreciate it.

48 : magic 8 ball answers Don't count on it.

43 : online magic 8 ball My reply is no.

It’s funny how we pick and choose what we believe, because I use tarot cards and absolutely believe that I’m being guided to pick certain cards. Whose to say the same guides that are guiding me with my tarot cards are not guiding the magic 8 ball? I guess it just makes more sense to me with the cards because I can’t physically flip the die inside.

I’ve used a magic 8 ball before. I kept shaking it and shaking it until I got the answer I wanted. 🙂 That’s how my friends and family seem to use it too.