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How To Make Rainbow Loom Bracelets - Loom Love

Hi Cheryl! My daughter found TONS of tutorials on YouTube. If you just search for Rainbow Loom bracelets you should come up with some great videos. I think the single chain and the fishtail are two of the easiest that we started with. Let me know how it goes!

This rainbow loom bracelet was submitted to me by Cameron instagram/_rainbowloomco_ and inspired by Cheryl Mayberry. It is a variation of the dragon scale bracelet which looks like a mini snake belly. All it requires is one bar pin, a hook and approximately 100-130 rubber bands.

How To Make Rainbow Loom Bracelets - Loom Love

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  • How To Make Rainbow Loom Bracelets - Loom Love

    The Rainbow Loom is a plastic pegboard measuring 2 inches (51 mm) by 8 inches (200 mm). It has -type pegs over which small, colored rubber bands are looped and pulled by a rainbow loom crochet hook. The resulting looped knots, known as , can be assembled on the loom into bracelets and other shapes. The Rainbow Loom kit includes the loom (the pegboard), a rainbow loom hook, 24 special C-shaped clips to connect both ends of the bracelet, and 600 small rubber bands in assorted colors .

    So this is how it works – you make a Rainbow Loom bracelet like normal. I have only mastered the fishtail design, so that what I did. In the C-clip, connect an additional rubber band. Now, your wrap the phone around the bracelet, and you wrap the extra rubber band around the plug of your charger. Connect the cord to the phone and to the plug, and gently wrap the cord around the phone, and voila! Your phone holder is instantly made! And why stop at just a Rainbow Loom holder when you can have a gimp holder as well?