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Play in lots of little pet places, enjoy many pet related adventures. Run the pet shop with your friends and have your own 'pet of the day, week or month'. Take them all over with you in one of the Pet Carriers, and they are perfect for pockets, handbags and backpacks and travel well unlike normal pets! Run competitions at home just like Crufts to see which of you has the Best in Breed, or Best in Show. Or maybe partake in a little pet training and see who can win agility or even obedience.

Try running a pet rescue centre too and perhaps take in any stray or ill pets with the Littlest Pet Shop Get Better Centre which has everything you need to put them right and give them a new start in life.

One word of warning though, keep them away from the Vacuum Cleaner though as this is their arch nemesis!

These figures are brought to you by Hasbro and are cute beyond belief. Buy one of the Pack of Pets today to cosy up to these, itsy-bitsy, teeny weenie cuties. You are sure to meet some of the sweetest, coolest and quirkiest animal pals around! Your imagination is the only limit. Welcome some new friends today and make all your pet dreams come true.

Remember too one of the RSPCA's key messages - a Pet is for life, not just for Christmas - even if they are the littlest.

2005 Littlest Pet Shop Get Better Center by Hasbro. Played with condition. No Pets or accessories Included. Purple drawer is still there. No XRay Table, Hammock, or Basket for Scale.

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    Littlest Pet Shop Get Better Center 5 Pets Complete   Offered is a Littlest Pet Shop Get Better Center with 5 pets and accessories as pictured. It is used and in very good condition and I believe comp...
  • "littlest pet shop get better center playset" ..

    I expected better from the Littlest Pet Shop Get Better Center! This was on my daughter's Christmas wish list and Santa kindly brought it for her. We love all of our Littlest Pet Shop sets, but I didn't feel that there was enough to do in the Get Better Center to justify a $19.99 price tag. Really, it is just like all the other little houses and sets that open up, only it has a vet theme. You get an x-ray machine and a lot of tiny little veterinarian accessories, but there is really nothing major to do. You can just keep taking x-rays for so long before there are no more bones that could possibly be broken in your Littlest Pet Shop community.

    In this movie, one of the LPS dog's slips on a Play-Doh banana. Buddy thinks he broke his leg. Luckily, his friend Rover is there to take Buddy to the Littlest Pet Shop Get Better Center. When they get there, they meet Nurse Donna. The nurse has a neat play doh hat.

    The Get Better Center is from 2006.

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