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Once your circle is cut out (don’t worry about the marker showing, it won’t matter to the finished product), you’re ready to choose the treats for your pumpkin treat bags. You can choose whatever toys you want. Some ideas would be small erasers, stickers, Shopkins, Lego figures, Tsum Tsums, blind bags, bouncy balls, jewelry, Littlest Pet Shop figures, small animal toys, hair accessories for girls, etc.

Lyola wire littlest pet shop cuddliest figure cocker spaniel with chew toy product details from the puppies, kitties and more asstcuddliest - cocker spaniel - #575collect them all! Includes pet and accessory. Pet contains magnet.

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    Littlest Pet Shop Penguin Figure [Blue]

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    In Hong Kong, China, there are fake Littlest Pet Shop figures made of soft plastic. They look very similar to original Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop's. They are mostly found on eBay for a cheap price. The largest Littlest Pet Shop eBay sellers who sell fakes are from China, Hong Kong, Singapore. They sell large quantities of fakes and are greatly destroying LPS authenticity and value. Even some of the highest priced LPS's: Golden Collie, Dachshund "Savannah", Great Dane have been faked.