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LITTLE TIKES: Tender Heart Doll's High Chair


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JB wandered around as deliberately as an almost 2? year old can. Occasionally she?d pause and glance, but she never asked for assistance. She looked at the Little Tikes Shopping Cart, (insert shameless plug here: ) but we already own one ? and one is enough. She checked out some kitchen supplies, but I am not buying any more pint sized Farberware. And then as she turned into the next aisle a look of disbelief appeared on JB?s face. What could this be right on the floor and bright pink? That baby doll looked like she was having a lot of fun. JB got closer and discovered the Little Tikes Doll High Chair in all its splendor.

Little Tikes Garden Chair- Orange

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    Little Tikes Doll High Chair measures 25" high and was just the right size for JB to walk up and say ?baby doll you wan me feed you like baby?? The high chair is made of that same off-white, wonderful, easy-to-clean Little Tikes plastic that I love so much. I clean ours with a wipe (Clorox or Pampers) and it sparkles like new every time. The tray (not removable) on this high chair is hot pink! Imagine magenta, fuchsia and day-glo pink mixed together and you?ll be close to the shade of eye-opening pink. Of course most mamas-in-training are attracted to this hue. Mine certainly was.

    The baby that was seated in the Little Tikes Doll High Chair does NOT come in the box with the pre-assembled highchair, but a baby bottle, feeding bowl and spoon are included. These accessories sealed the deal for my young shopper. ?See Mama, dere is a ?poon for my baby?. Well hip-hip-hooray! ?My baby? would be her doll, Baby Mel, who at 13? is a bit dwarfed in this seat. Ideally a hard, plastic doll would be about 16 ? 18? to be really comfy using this Doll High Chair. Little Tikes suggests that dolls smaller than 20? will be easiest for children to put in and take out.