Little Kids Playing Hide And Seek

Step2 KidAlert V.W.S.


Little Kids Playing Basketball As i watched the kids play,

The music video will leave you astounded as you watch adorable little kids play a variety of musical instruments and sing with grace and skill of veteran virtuosos. Maati Baani explained the idea behind the rendition in a statement to HuffPost India. “We are living in times which are not peaceful. We witness violence directly or indirectly everyday,” said the band’s vocalist Nirali Kartik. “We felt that it was the right time to do this and a great way to send a message to people affected by violence that we care and we are with you.”

Little kids playing in the park downtown.
Someone's dad is watching
From the side of the playground.
I'm following my shadow so I cross the…

America is little kids playing baseball..

Two little kids playing on a tablet device.