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Lionel Polar Express Remote Train Set - O-Gauge

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If your child loves trains, there’s no better gift than the O-Gauge Lionel Polar Express Train Set. But, since it’s an expensive gift; before you buy it, make sure to ask your child if s/he’d want it or prefer something else.

Unlike the O-Gauge polar express train set, the G-Gauge set is made up of as it would then be to play safely. The locomotive body as well as tracks is completely plastic. Another major difference between the two is the fact that the G- Gauge Lionel Polar Express Train Set is , not electricity. That’s the reason this model is a lot cheaper as well.

Lionel Trains Polar Express O Gauge Remote Set with LionChief Remote

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  • lionel Polar Express Train Set, Battery Operated 7-11022

    These trains make perfect gifts for kids and grownups; not just during the Christmas season but all thought the year – including Birthdays. But, if you’re not train-savvy, you would definitely want to know the difference between the O-Gauge and G-Gauge Lionel Polar Express Train sets. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

    Unlike the O-Gauge and G-Gauge Lionel Polar Express Train Sets, the Little lines polar express is a lot cheaper and affordable as well. However, you should note that this train set doesn't come along with batteries and you'd have to buy them separately.