The Real Secrets of the Chinese Linking Rings

Chapter Seven:Linking Finger Rings

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I dare you to give up magic. You may be tempted. Go ahead and sell your Linking Rings - but first think about what you are doing. I defy you to sell ALL your props. If you are a true magician, you are the victim of a strange, benign and wonderful obsession. You were born with an affinity to magic. Presto! You are a magician.

The Linking Rings are one of the most popular routines ever invented. They are performed by beginners through professionals and are a regular part of most stand-up and children’s shows.

The Chinese linking rings is a classic of illusion magic

These 4pcs linking rings are well designed for magic trick

The Linking Rings, or , is considered to be a classic of magic. In the traditional effect, solid metal rings appear to link and unlink, pass through each other, form chains and other complex patterns and configurations.

My friend, the teacher said I could have all my props back for $100 - the price he had paid me years before. Late one night I bought back every item, and brought everything home where it belonged - from dirty left-over rope to tarnished Mysto Palming coins. I repaired the broken P&L table. I polished my Linking Rings. I looked at the bent Merv Taylor Tambour and my tattered feather bouquet. Now I could put it all to work again for the pleasure of others - and for myself.