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Windy City Novelties Hand-Held LED Light Up Galaxy Spinner with Flashing LED Lights


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Pretend play may look different for children with visual impairments but that doesn't make it any less important and fun! Use pretend play as a time teach socialization and independence skills, giving your child the chance to explore freely and even ask questions. Incorporating light toys can be very motivating and stimulating for children with low vision so why not make storytime come to life with these Light & Sound Swords or a !

Your own mini light show is ready at the push of a button. The easy on/off function of handheld LED light toys is a great way to teach cause and effect and fine motor skills, while the low hum and vibration of this Spinning Light Toy has a multi-sensory appeal to children who are legally blind. Use it for reward time or as a visual stimulating distraction during the next long car ride.

Fire Truck and Traffic Light Kids Toys

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  • LED Staff bag (120cm) LED Staff bag (150cm) Pyro products

    Listed below are the Top 10 Light Toys Under $10 to incorporate light play around your home, during pretend play, and even on your clothes! We've also included activity ideas specifically designed for children with visual impairments for each product. Remember- there are often opportunities for when you're just having fun!

    The national award winning Educational Construction Toys, Laser Pegs® are the first lighted construction toys in the world that feed the next piece low voltage current to illuminate your creations with LED’s. You can design and build anything you want with Laser Pegs® and use them lit up or turned off.