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They might look like they are , but the LEGO Walkie Talkies are simply designed to look like a brick DIY. Sort of disappointing really. I’m sure an actual LEGO Walkie Talkie would take a considerable amount of time, money and effort. But I bet it’s doable. Get on that, GEARheads.

A while back we mentioned that Lego were bringing out some Lego themed gadgets, well it looks like the first one is now available, the Lego Walkie Talkie.

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To sum it up, if you do not mind purchasing wholesale boxes of batteries or at least investing in a rechargeable set, the Lego Walkie Talkies are said to be very good for small kids and adults because of their ease of use and clear reception.

The Lego Walkie Talkies are said to have up to a mile range, while no buyer confirmed they could get a signal a mile out, everyone did say that they have an extremely long range. Not only does the signal travel far distances, but the sound quality is said to be exceptional. People who tried the Lego Walkie Talkies said that there was little or no static and even young children’s voices could be understood with ease.