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LEGO Fusion Set #21204 Town Master

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Lego Fusion is Lego’s first foray into virtual reality and I’d say they’ve pretty much got the knack of it. The concept is simple and builds upon much of what Lego has done in countless digital games, especially the SIM-style ones, and while most of your time will be spent playing in the tablet (Android and iOS) game, Lego Fusion Town master also regularly sends you back out into the real world to build structures that will eventually end up in your town.

LEGO FUSION Town Master, LEGO FUSION Battle Towers, and LEGO FUSION Create & Race will launch in August 2014; LEGO FUSION Resort Designer will launch in September 2014. US Price for these sets is $34.99, we do not currently have an Australian price.

LEGO FUSION Town Master - Learn how to play

  • Pros

    Idea has tons of potential. Comes with plenty of bricks. Lots of activities in the game.
  • Cons

    Game only scans 2D facades. Scanning feature is very finicky.
  • Bottom Line

    Lego Fusion Town Master lets you scan your creations into a city-building iOS game, but it's not quite as much fun as simply building them.

LEGO Fusion Town Master Free Game Gameplay ..

Bring your LEGO creations to life with the interactive LEGO FUSION Town Master Buildable Game, which lets you use your imagination to create and manage your virtual town with real LEGO bricks. While you're building shops, fire stations, roads and more, you can complete exciting missions and mini games to earn valuable studs and happiness for your virtual citizens.

As long as you have a smartphone or tablet, you can download an app to make this take place. The residents of your town will certainly have particular requirements, and making use of the LEGO Town Master App you can discover exactly what they require and afterwards use your Lego bricks to develop it.