Lego Technic Logging Truck 9397

Lego Technic 9397 Logging Truck


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Argos has dropped the price on the Lego Technic Logging Truck set from £99.99 to £59.99 which is a very cool saving of £40 off the original price. You can pay for the item to be delivered to your front door or you can collect for free instore.

Here we have the Lego Technic Logging truck set that has power functions and a control box and the motorised grabber that actually works. Oh yes, this particular Lego toy can lower and raise and turn the arm and even extend the outriggers. It is absolutely gorgeous and can be rebuilt into a container truck with a snowplough!

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The LEGO Technic Logging Truck. I build this set during last summer but I haven’t found time to write this review till now. I have to say that I didn’t like very much this truck when I bought it. My main goal was a “cheap” source of wheels.

LEGO Technic Logging Truck Review

This is the LEGO Technic Logging Truck set 9397. It retails for around $139.99, and comes with its own power functions. This log truck features a "self-loader" crane boom, and the power functions really help bring this set to life. This is an impressively sophisticated set, but sadly it falls short of its true potential in several ways.

Design Fails of this Set:

The rear axles should have 4 sets of dually tires, rather than the 4 sets of single tires that this truck has. The type of tires on this log truck clearly are the style that require the dually tires, as they are much too narrow to be Super Singles which are fatter and more robust than the standard tires on a big rig.

The wheels and tires are simply attached to the axles where they slide into the center of the wheel. There really needs to be some sort of cap or hubcap to hide this unsightly and crudely designed axle.

This set only comes with 1 log, and this single log is too short to properly fit on this log truck. Also, in the log hailing section of this truck, on the forward end there is no protection for exposed gears that are part of the self-loader assembly. Those exposed gears really need to be covered to keep logs or cargo from affecting their proper operation.

The power functions are great, but the loading crane is not a full-function unit; some parts are driven by the power functions, and some parts (mainly the grapple claw itself) can only be operated by hand.

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Check out these pics of real log trucks with self-loaders:

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