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Along with content that's new to Star Wars, Traveller's Tales is introducing gameplay that's never been seen in its Lego games before. Most notably, the game will have open 3D arenas in flight combat for the first time ever. Previous Lego Star Wars games have featured on-rails flight sections where players can only move on a 2D plane; those will still be there. But now they'll also be able to take part in dogfights with tie fighters in the wide open while flying Poe Dameron's X-Wing.

The popular game series has been mentioned in a leaked brochure from the European Brand Licensing Expo, picked up by In the special section dedicated to Star Wars content, it appears as though the Lego Star Wars games will be making their way to mobile devices in mid-2014. The only specific platform mentioned in the article is iOS, but at this time we cannot be certain in either the validity of this schedule or if Android is included, as well.

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    Also, unlike any of the LEGO Star Wars games or any other LEGO game, there are immense battlefields you can walk around on and fight enemies on. You can drive a speeder across the battlefield while running over enemies, or, you can call the republic’s AT AT to really do some damage. (That is really really awesome, so don’t miss out on it!)

    Our expansive selection of Lego Star Wars games ranges from creative challenges to all-out war! We have fun adventures for Lucasfilm superfans and Lego enthusiasts. For players who love a challenge, try to eliminate every wave of Microfighters. Collect the bricks that appear when your yellow enemies are blown to smithereens! Or, piece together a puzzle featuring tiny Stormstroopers. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia want you to join them!