Price: LeapPad Explorer, $100; InnoPad, $80

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The LeapPad Explorer from is set for an early northern hemisphere summer release and will be available in the U.S. for a suggested retail of US$99.99. Downloadable apps will be priced at $7.99 each and cartridges will cost $24.99.

You’ve got your iPad or Android tablet, but what about your kids? According to toy company Leapfrog, your children want a tablet too. But does the LeapPad Explorer, a tablet designed especially for 4-9-year-olds fit the bill, or will they still want your iPad or Android tablet instead?

LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet - LeapFrog

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The LeapPad Explorer was a huge hit when it came out last year

Whether they want to learn about maths, science, music, geography, spelling, languages or the like, the fun-focused activities allow kids to get tactile and interact with the onscreen content. The LeapPad Explorer has been designed to withstand a bit of playful rough and tumble, benefits from an accelerometer for in-game tilt action, and allows parents to track the progress of their children and receive email updates with Leapfrog's program.

Built on the success of the company's Leapster Explorer and fully compatible with that device's library, the LeapPad Explorer will benefit from over a hundred learning games, videos, e-Books, flash cards and so on. The company says that little learners can look forward to HD-like graphics on the 5-inch finger touch screen, where a child-sized stylus can be used to practice such things as drawing or hand-writing.