The store offers a layaway plan for large purchases.

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How long is a Sears Layaway contract?

Debra, I would hate to work at Wal-Mart . . . for so many reasons! But your experience of working in the layaway department definitely seals that deal.

I worked at Wal-mart in high school (back in the 80s) and we had a thriving layaway department. As an employee, it was a major pain. At the time, customers didn’t pay a fee to set it up and had no required payments. I think that after 6 months, the items were returned to stock but the customer could wander in and get all their $ back. It was chaos with people coming in on on Friday nights to pay $17.31 or $42.11 or whatever change fell out of their pockets, then coming in on 12/23 needing to get their things out of layaway like an emergency.

Can I cancel a Layaway contract?

Merchandise must be ordered. If you are buying merchandise on layaway, we will order your layaway item when you have paid half of the purchase price.

Are all items online available for Layaway?

I think that it’s important to note that the new layaway programs do have a set up fee, and that there are standard payments that are due on a a bi-weekly basis. Otherwise, it’s not a budgeting tool, as you noted from your experience at Wal-Mart.

What’s your opinion of layaway? Do you see yourself using payment plans as a way to stay within your holiday spending budget? Are you a “cash-only” type of holiday shopper? Or will you stick to credit cards to make your holiday purchases? I’d love to get your take on the subject.