Charter Arms Lavender Lady revolver

Lavender Lady

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Charter Arms Lavender Lady Handgun Item # GM447647

Taking the "Lavender Lady" Charter Arms Undercover Lite .38 Special for a quick spin.

The more detailed hammer-block video can be seen here:

I purchased this in May 2010 for $385 at Gunnies in Orem, UT. At the time of publishing, the MSRP is $422.

My wife told me that the reason it kept "biting" me was because I repeatedly referred to it as, "this guy." I guess that explains why it doesn't get along with me :)

One of the best Lilacs for warm winter areas, lavender lady produces spectacular clusters of fragrant lavender flowers in any part of the country, even without winter chill! Blooms mid-season, typically in mid-May. Open branched, upright form is useful as a hedge, screen or accent. Deciduous.

Lavender Lady Lilac - Monrovia - Lavender Lady Lilac

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    The Lemp brewery was rocked in the years before the World War by the very public battles between William Lemp, Jr. and Lillian (Handlan) Lemp, the "Lavender Lady," during their scandalous divorce trial, and subsequent custody disputes. Lillian's nickname was derived from her penchant of frequently dressing in her favorite color, and going so far as to have her carriage horses harness dyed lavender.

    Lavender Lady is a strongly aromatic shrub growing 40-50cm tall, and is well-recognised for its beautiful scented flowers and grey-green foliage. The evergreen nature of the leaves make it an ideal hedging and garden plant as it will give structure to a garden throughout the year.