Tutorial: How to finish a Latch Hook

6.5in. Wooden Latch Hook Tool

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Latch Hook Pillow: Sun, Rainbow & Heart (photo credit: REdesignkc)

I used to latch hook a lot in middle school, and I just had flashbacks to when my fingers would bleed after hooking (?) for so long, haha. This rug is so beautiful, I’d like to give it a shot again. Thank you for sharing!

4. Time to latch hook. Color by color, latch hook the rug working side to side, bottom to the middle and then flipping over. One canvas square is one knot or loop of thread(s). Follow the pattern by placing the latch on the top portion of the canvas square. Insert the latch hook into and out of a square, leaving the top of the square under the open latch hook. Slide two pieces of yarn around the latch hook. Pinch the ends of the thread making sure both sides are even. Cross the yarn over into the open latch and pull the hook down through the canvas. Pull the yarn to tighten the loop.

Olaf Snowman Latch Hook Rug from Frozen by kayhillyer on Etsy

- Dream a Little Bigger Craft Blog - How to Latch Hook

It’s silly to cry over a rug, I know it, but I decided that I would learn to latch hook so that I could make one very similar. Today I’m sharing with you the basics and in a bit, perhaps a week or so, I’ll share with you the pattern I created for the rug I’m currently working on.

This is a latch hook tool. They cost between $3-6 and feature a variety of handles. I purchased the one shown above and a wooden handled one but I greatly prefer the plastic handle shown.