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Laser Maze Logic Game


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Pump some brain iron with the beam-bending logic game, Laser Maze. Your goal is to arrange a series of tokens to reflect and split a laser beam and hit all of the targets.

Laser Maze includes 60 unique challenges ranging from beginner to expert difficulty. If you get stumped, don't worry, solutions are printed on the reverse of each card.

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    And that’s part of the plan. Bowling alleys across the country are facing increasing pressure to diversify their attractions to stay profitable, says Erick Mueller, vice president of Funovations, the maker of the laser maze game.

    Laser mazes are great mini attractions for entertainment facilities. They combine the highly immersive environment of a laser tag arena with the quick throughput of an arcade game. Players complete an objective while being surrounded by a web of laser beams. Just like in spy movies, they must navigate carefully to achieve a high score and complete their mission.