And the states where the capital is not the largest city:

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Keith Hopkins estimates that ancient Rome had a population of about a million people by the end of the 1st century BC, after growing continually during the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st centuries BC, making it the largest city in the world at the time. Alexandria's population was also close to Rome's population at around the same time, the historian Rostovtzeff estimates a total population close to a million based on a census dated from 32 AD that counted 180,000 adult male citizens in Alexandria.

Similarly, "Are Cities Dying?", a paper by Harvard economist , delves into similar reasons for city formation: reduced transport costs for goods, people and ideas. Discussing the benefits of proximity, Glaeser claims that if a city is doubled in size, workers get a ten percent increase in earnings. Glaeser furthers his argument by stating that bigger cities do not pay more for equal productivity than in a smaller city, so it is reasonable to assume that workers become more productive if they move to a city twice the size as they initially worked in. The workers do not benefit much from the ten percent wage increase, because it is recycled back into the higher cost of living in a larger city. They do gain other benefits from living in cities, though.[]

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Originally Posted by headphonesphoenix
I could see how you would be unimpressed, coming from Albuquerque. Nothing against the town, but come on.

thats what Im saying, coming from Albuquerque you would think the 5th largest city in the country's skyline would impress me but it didnt and Im originally from a town of 11,000 people where are tallest building is a grain elevator.

A city is a large and permanent human settlement

A big city or usually has associated and . Such cities are usually associated with and , creating numerous business commuters traveling to urban centers for employment. Once a city expands far enough to reach another city, this region can be deemed a or . is arguably the oldest city in the world. In terms of population, the largest city proper is , while the fastest-growing is .

In a state known for its ruggedness, it's probably no surprise that Alaska's largest city is a hard-working city. Workers of Anchorage work an average of 40.7 hours per week and 37 weeks a year. With a labor force participation rate of 83.2 percent that is good enough for second place on our list.