:I'm in the middle of something here, Krang!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie 2 Out Of The Shadows Kraang Basic Figure


The Kraang invasion has no Biotroids or Traag/Granitor or Technodrome

I have to admit, I did not see the clone thing coming, though it made sense that the Kraang would want as many April clones as possible to further their research. It was a cool and creepy visual to see all the many April's lining the walls in stasis pods. Less cool, though, was the April clone reject -- or "April Derp" -- that used flatulence and hugs to combat the Turtles. That's not to say an April clone reject wasn't a cool idea for a boss fight, it just ended up being more goofy and slapstick than usual. Still, the subsequent fight with all of the awakened April clones, and April singling herself out with her war fan, was a solid way to end the mission. Bringing Kurtzman back at the end was also a nice touch. I'll be looking forward to seeing how he plays into future episodes -- plus, it never hurts to have another guy on the inside!

The Kraang are an alien species that act as one of the main antagonistic forces and one of the central antagonists in the TV series (2012). Eventually, they chose to become allies of . They pilot robot androids. Like Krang, the Kraang's home world is Dimension X, and they also have a fortress called the Technodrome. They are an homage to and the . All of the Kraang are voiced by Nolan North.

Irma is really Kraang Subprime! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S02E25)

All of you will die here!
~ Kraang Prime

: Oh, sorry lord. Huh? Lord Krang!

It was also here that we got to see April use her psychic powers again -- which, if there was any doubt before, are definitely powers -- giving her the ability to eavesdrop on the Kraang's telepathic conversation. Naturally, this was followed by the aforementioned skirmish, during which April was kidnapped and replaced with -- dun, dun, dun! -- a clone! ("Kay...")

In the end, it wasn't too surprising to find out that April was in fact a mutant herself, made up of half human, half Kraang DNA. However, it did signify a pretty major departure from the traditional Turtles canon -- but in a very good way. Not only does it make April a more relevant team member than ever before, but she also now has something unique to offer to the group in terms of her psychic -- and seemingly telekinetic -- powers.