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Traditional Knitting Doll Kit for Kids

ALEX Toys Craft Fuzzy Wuzzy Knitting Kit with Needles, Yarn and Keepsake Tin


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Almost since the beginning, we have being asked by lots of mommies to create knitting kits for kids….And, today, we are pleased to present today our first kits for kids, called !!

If your little one is expressing an interest in knitting, then a knitting kit for kids can provide all the necessary items needed to get started. Most kits will offer plenty of bright colored yarn, knitting needles and a crochet hook, along with instructions to get started on their very first knitting project. By the end of that project, you’ll see if they are still interested in knitting or if it was just a passing phase.
Knitting kit for kids:

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designed knitting reel makes the kit easy for kids to use alone ..

Knitting kits for kids can be found at a number of online and local retailers including Walmart, Toys R Us and Barnes & Noble. The price range and age limit are just two of the features that will differ in each knitting kit.