The King of Hyrule as he appears in .

Hyrule Warriors: Legends - Nintendo 3DS


The Kingdom of Hyrule has no territory in Great Sea: Total War.

Drew Robin Williams as the King of Hyrule as a tribute to the late great actor. He loved Legend of Zelda so I’ve incorporated his love for the game into this sketch.

Before the time-skip, Ganondorf murders the Great Deku Tree, attempts to starve out the Gorons, and nearly kills the crown princess AND guardian diety of the Zoras… all of this right under the King of Hyrule’s nose. Sure, Ganondorf is likely trying to be stealthy, but Darunia even sent a messenger to the Royal Family to get help after Ganondorf sealed Dodongo’s cavern.

King Of Hyrule says all true warriors strive for for 7 minutes.

  • Daltus, the current King of Hyrule during The Minish Cap.
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    The King of Hyrule lead his people into an era of peace and prosperity and he was very loyal to his people. He entrusted the to and told her to keep it from everyone including the . The King fell ill and eventually died, the people regarding him as greatest king to have ever lived.

    The King Of Hyrule, Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, is the man who once ruled this land before it became swept away by waves. He is the wisest Hylian left, and teaches you much about the lore of the 'Golden Age' of Hyrule. He is also known as the King of Red Lions; the boat that you meet on Windfall island, and helps you through the game as you progress. He created the enhanced version of the Gossip Stone.