Pretty simple. Kids with mohawks and obviously pretty cool parents.

Raskullz Eyepatch Pirate Mohawk, 5+ (50-54cm)


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Every kids mohawk is unique and special to them. Choose one that’s low maintenance and don’t be afraid to commit, knowing that the varieties and options of Mohawks are almost endless.

Check out this totally cool kids mohawk. The hairline is cut in a square and arched design that is very neat and accurate. The top strands are given a lift and then secured with a strong hold gel.

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Kids with Mohawks - Mohawks Rock

Not all mohawks are created equal. This kids mohawk isn’t stiff and harsh like a typical mohawk usually is. Instead it has a soft and wavy feel to it that keeps it mom friendly and absolutely adorable.

Little boys can too have an upgraded style when it comes to their hair. Mohawk hairstyles are a great way to enhance your little boy's cuteness, so inspire yourself from celebrity kids with Mohawks.