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First of all, as recommended in The Well Trained Mind, Christian Kids Explore Biology is a full year of just biology. We also offer a full year of earth science in Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space. Biology and Earth & Space are best suited for grades 1-6, although they are adaptable. For 6th-8th graders we offer Christian Kids Explore Chemistry and Christian Kids Explore Physics. These two books were written by college professors and creation scientists Robert and Elizabeth Ridlon. These books are all set up to be taught twice weekly. They are creative with a reasonable amount of research and memory work required. We worked to keep them usable for classical families and still practical for busy families. One major goal was to keep it creation based and God-centered.

This is because of the subject matter. Biology can be simplified so that it can be understandable for younger students. Chemistry and Physics do not have this same kind of flexibility. It is difficult to simplify chemistry so that it can be accessible to early elementary students. We would suggest that you use Christian Kids Explore Biology and Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space with younger students, and saving Christian Kids Explore Chemistry and Christian Kids Explore Physics for upper elementary and middle school students when they will be able to understand it more fully.

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Get your children excited about life and learning with the kids biology learning tools. A child has a naturally inquisitive nature that can be nurtured to create a sound foundation for future education. Their mind is constantly absorbing information and with a little guidance and encouragement, you will find they will get great enjoyment out of biology and all it has to offer. Kids biology is no different to adults biology, it is just presented in a manner that children will be more accepting of plus added enjoyment from making the learning fun.

We have enjoyed learning with Christian Kids Explore Biology this year. My daughters are kindergarten and second grade levels and I have been able to adjust the lessons so that they can both participate. I believe this is an especially great resource if you are using the Classical method of homeschooling. This serves as an intro to biology, which can be a foundation for studying again as they get older. It includes hands-on activities for every unit as well.