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Bikes allow children to have a sense of freedom, and allow them to be active at the same time. Kids bikes at wiggle are purposefully designed to suit the rider. Smaller components being used to suit the small bodies sat upon the bike.

Kids on Bikes empowers kids to earn their own bike creating a sense of pride, self esteem and accomplishment which allows them to dream of a bright future.

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Bicycle wheels come in a wide range of sizes from 12" wheels found on smaller Kids Bikes to larger 29" Mountain Bike and 700c Road Bike wheels. Larger wheels are normally faster and more stable at speed and their larger contact patch improves grip too. Smaller wheels are normally lighter, more maneuverable and have quicker acceleration.

85-88% of critical health and brain injuries can be prevented through use of a helmet. Kids on Bikes is educating kids to be safe and think before they act.