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Kids wagons have been one of the best warm weather toys for decades. As a little one, wagon is the best gift for kids. Wagons are not only timeless toy that can last for many years but the lovely and enjoyable past times provide long lasting memories even when they've turned adulthood. Getting the best wagon for kids is a wise choice for parents. As a parent, the most wonderful moment is to see our kids happy and share the joy with them. Rest assured kids wagon is the perfect gift for them.

Remember riding those as a li’l tyke! Did you ever ride your radio flyer wagon down a steep hill, then crash cause you could barely steer. Yeah that was fun. Checkout these pimped out hotrod styled kids wagons. These all sport custom frames – so if you have some fabrication skills you could put one together yourself or take some sketches and pictures down to your local welding shop and see if they can give you a hand. You can find rad tires like the ones pictured on eBay just search for “racing go kart wheels” and you’ll find some sweet options. With this project you don’t really have to spend a lot of money to build something cool and make your kid feel awesome.

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    What’s here: On this page you will find a list of the ten best kids wagons for the spring and summer months of 2016 – these are the picks that have truly proven themselves with plenty of playtime and use, and are the most loved by both kids and parents. Wagons of various sizes and for various ages are included.

    Kids Wagons, our wagon kits make great Grandfather handcrafted projects. Every kid needs a wagon! Kids will spend hours using their wagon as imaginary army jeeps, princes doll carriages or just to haul around the family pet.