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Out of all the things we have compared between these two kid loaders its stated features and ability to do what the product description says in real life is the most important. First lets look at the Kettler Cat Kid Tractor. Kettler described their product as a fully functional front kids peddle loader which is able to scoops up big piles of dirt, sand, or snow. The peddling ability according to buyers, their kids finds it okay to pedal on flat driveways and lawn and within homes, but they say it’s hard to pedal on more challenging terrain.

Kids tractor, 110cc Mini tractor, Kids vehicle with trailer, kids toy(FT110-T) Bore*troke ............52.4*49.5mm Tire tread..................front 790mm rear823mm Working volume of the...

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In this review I’m going to compare the against the toy for sale and hope to highlight each pedal toy tractor’s individual merits and shortcomings and help you form a informed decision regarding them. I choose these two products to compare because they are two of the most popular kids pedal loaders in the US today and a made by two reputable kids toy manufacturers in the world. Both these kids loader tractors are in the same price range too and are Licensed Merchandise of John Deere farm vehicle and Caterpillar construction vehicle companies. But first here are two pictures of the kids pedal tractor loaders we will be comparing.

UPC: Whether you want to exercise your child's outdoor interests or prepare him for a life working on the farm, the Kettler CAT Kid Tractor w/ Trailer is sure to please. The Kettler CAT Kid Tractor w/ Trailer features a fully functional front loader that scoops up big chunks of sand, dirt, or snow--a must for the budding developer. On the other end sits a detachable hauling trailer that can move dirt, toys, comic books, and many other items. Other details include a front lifting hood compartment and sturdy resin tires with long-lasting rubberized tread strips. The Kettler CAT Kid Tractor w/ Trailer tractor has a fully enclosed chain drive system with external adjustment and is very stylish. For ages: 3 to 5 years old.