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Party Tyme Karaoke - Super Hits 23 [16-song CD+G]


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With over 800 songs available on four karaoke DVDs, enhanced digital sound quality, easy menu navigation, and a wide range of features to suit your every needs, it is the best karaoke DVD set to consider purchasing to perfect your karaoke library.

Karaoke is a cult favorite today in bars and living rooms across the USA. This singing pastime from Japan was invented in the 1970s and is becoming more and more popular in our part of the world as well. Today, there are lots of options and ways to sing karaoke. Besides using a game console like a or a , you can also simply use your home as well. In fact, your home theater system might beat every other option available, allowing you to enjoy a seemingly endless selection of music styles and types from all over the world. are an international bestseller. If you're a karaoke fan and like to branch out into new types of music whenever you can, karaoke DVDs will be a great choice. We'll explain exactly how karaoke DVDs work in this guide, and introduce you to some of the most popular karaoke trends. In the final section, you'll also get some extra tips and tricks you should think about when you're buying a karaoke DVD.

Karaoke DVDs : Karaoke Fame Hits 6-Volume DVD Set by Antoni Gounari

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I bet you're already singing along to our Karaoke DVDs. At these prices grab a handful and make it a party. Our Karaoke DVDs makes any party or a just a fun night in. Who doesn't love singing along to the latest hits or a Kylie Minogue song or a Beatles classic. We even have Elvis karaoke or Abba songs or the best songs from the 1970s and 1980s too so regardless of who you like singing along to, this is the place to get all our karaoke DVDs.

Playing a karaoke DVD is first and foremost focused on fun. But they're not just for a great evening with your friends. Singing together also trains your ear, and will help you feel like a successful singer in no time. Karaoke DVDs are also great for practicing. Do you want to learn how to harmonize? A karaoke DVD will be a great practice partner. You can even try out songs in a foreign language to have fun remembering and improving on that second language you learned in high school. Practicing your French or Spanish while you're singing is a great way to reactivate language abilities.