Question: How much space do you need for Kan Jam?

Answer: The recommended age for Kan Jam is 12+.

Kan Jam Game Set


- 2 official KanJam Splash labels

"In 2006 (I) clinched the KanJam World Championship title with an Instant Win in the finals for Sole Survivors. Shortly after the tournament, (I) met Kim Daugherty in order to get the group photo her mom took earlier in the day. After eventually getting to know each other and dating shortly after, six years went by until the 2012 KanJam World Championship, where (I) proposed to Kim in front of 250+ players, volunteers and spectators."

Eric and Kim were married on June 7th of this year, and of course KanJam was a big part of the event, inclding a delicous looking KanJam wedding cake! Below you'll find even more great pictures from the event.

- a custom KanJam Mini Flying Disc

Q: How far apart do the KanJam Mini goals need to be? Jenny T.

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Eric and Kim on their wedding, June 7th. They both have played a huge role in the growth of KanJam over the last decade and we are so proud that KanJam was able to play a part in bringing these two together.

We're happy to annouce that KanJam has a new T-shirt available for summer 2014. This gray athletic shirt with white and yellow lettering is one of our favorites because we feel it embodies that KanJam "attitude."