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Deputies responded to a Big Buck Boulevard residence at 1:17 p.m. where the woman told them her 2014 John Deere riding lawn mower had been stolen from her shed.

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Had a Murray riding lawn mower for over 12 years and she worked like a champ. Decided to buy, what I thought was a better brand, John Deere Riding Lawn Mower D105 and at the two year mark with only 41 hours of usage the engine begins to smoke. Called John Deere and the first thing they tell you is that it's out of warranty, they then ask me to take it to an authorized dealer and gave me a case number. Well the service tech just called me and advised that they did a leak down test and that my mower was at 60% which is bad. I could have opted for a less expensive brand, but the yellow and green attracted me as this brand was suppose to be superior. It's beyond me how a brand like John Deere can last only 41 hours of use. I'm extremely upset, and I hope they take responsibility for this lemon of a mower.

Even though this is a 20 HP mower, I give it a perfect 10 by 10 simply because of the overall performance. I never felt underpowered driving up a steep slope neither did the tractor give the impression of going wild downhill thanks to immaculate breaking. The fact that this tractor comes with aftermarket add-ons such as a spreader, aerator and so on proves just how reliable and sturdy the engine on this John Deere riding mower is. And if you still have doubts, remember that this is a V-Twin engine and not a single cylinder cheap version.