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Jardine Crib Recall | Safety Recall

Many cribs produced before went into effect in 2011 have had multiple safety problems but Nancy Cowles, executive director of the Chicago-based advocacy group , says the Jardine cribs "stand alone" when it comes to lacking in basic safety standards.

"As you know, recalls of Jardine cribs were announced in 2008 and 2009. At that time, a system was put in place to allow those impacted by this recall to receive a voucher to purchase a new crib from any brand/manufacturer from one of our stores," said Katie Reczek of Toys 'R' Us. "This system was in place for some time, and in 2011, transitioned to a system by which Jardine would provide a replacement crib directly to consumers."

Jardine Crib Recall | Safety Notices

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    Parents should have all baby furniture assembled before bringing home a new baby. Although sometimes a newborn doesn't use a crib right...

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    "I purchased a Jardine crib in 2008 after the first one purchased through them was recalled. My original voucher did not cover the cost of a new crib, but we paid the difference," she said. "A slat on the new crib recently developed a deep crack that pinched my daughter's fingers and we noticed that many of the slats are now cracked as is the top slat of the crib."

    When a product is recalled for reasons of safety, consumers assume that they will be offered a repair or replacement, but that's often not the case, as some purchasers of Jardine cribs have learned.