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1. “Macho Man” Randy Savage – …with one exception. While Randy Savage is without a doubt one of the greatest in-ring talents in history, we would not even be privy to that talent if he did not absolutely obliterate all expectations when he defeated Tito Santana at the Boston Gardens in 1986 for the Intercontinental Title. Savage did not only DOMINATE during his run leading up to the (at the time) biggest WrestleMania of all time, but he became a pop-culture phenomenon in his own right, playing second fiddle to only the biggest name on the planet at that time. When I was a youngin’ living in the 6 (I just aged myself there), WWF fans fell into two camps: Hulkamaniacs and Savages. As I mentioned before, I was (and still am) Macho Man till I die, but admitting that when we all wondered how much of wrestling was scripted at the time would have got me shanked (by a spork, we were kids.) Randy Savage defined everything I loved about pro wrestling: the theatrics, the athletics, the storytelling, the fame, the spectacle. Savage only had graduation music, a beautiful valet and a gorgeous title by his side. He did not need anything else. When he entered WrestleMania III, The Macho Man was arguably the most hated man in the building. When it was over and he lost his IC Title, Savage garnered the most sympathy. He didn’t even need the IC Title after that anymore. He transcended and became the template for great talents to use the IC Title to springboard into the Main Event. GOAT. That’s all I have to say.

2. Chris Jericho – Y2J has won more Intercontinental Titles than anyone else in history. That is enough to place him on this list for me. But Chris Jericho’s output as one of the best IC Champs of all time is more than a number of title runs. It is the prestige he carried as champion. Jericho treated the IC Title like it was his own World Championship and used that sentiment to fuel some great performances and runs. Benoit, Angle, Hardy, RVD, Regal…Jericho sat atop the mountain and competed against a literal who’s who list of superstars from WWE, WCW and ECW at the height of the industry. When the lights were the brightest and the audience was the largest, no one performed better as Intercontinental Champion better than Chris Jericho…

Curtis Axel - Intercontinental Title Match: Raw, Nov

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WWE Intercontinental Title Belts: A Guide to the Gold

"From a business standpoint, I did not agree with them on a lot of things and I do not live in fear. And I refuse to live in fear. And I think, people, if they knew the true story, and they will know the true story because that's why we're here, that they will understand why I did what I did and it goes back to the last year, winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship," reflected. "I feel like I've never been their guy or I was never chosen to be their guy. And I kind of was caught off guard with 'why are they putting the Intercontinental title on me here?' It just seemed so random. I thought they had not committed to me on numerous occasions and that was something that always really bothered me, but they put the I.C. title on me, and then that's kind of when things took a turn for the worst when they came to me with a new contract offer, which I [thought], 'oh, okay, this makes sense now'. And it was an offer I wasn't happy with, quite frankly, for where I've been in the company and what I've done."

4. Razor Ramon – This is more of a personal pick than anything (objectively, Shawn Michaels would be in his place.) Razor Ramon was the first heel I openly cheered for. Yes, I was a fan of Randy Savage during his most heelish phase early in his career, but if I admitted that on the playground in Toronto, I would have suffered a massive gang-style beating. Razor, though? At the height of Scarface’s relevance in popular culture and the rejection of Hulk Hogan’s goody two-shoes heroics as a teen, Razor was my boy. He carried that Intercontinental Title like it meant the world to him and it just fit. Look at a picture of him with the title…they were made for each other. When it was time for Razor to GO (like take part in one of the defining matches in wrestling history), The Bad Guy was nearly untouchable. If something happened to his gold, something was gonna happen to you, CHICO.