Dr. Roboto? Interactive Teddy Bear Helps Kids Manage Diabetes

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Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear


Happitaps iPhone Interactive Bear

A company based in Galway, Bábógbaby (which translates as Doll-baby), has won an award for their teddy bear the world's first Irish speaking toy of its kind.

The interactive teddy bear won the top award at the Practical Pre-School Awards in the UK. The bear teaches children how to say numbers, colors, shapes in Irish.

The inventor, Adrian Devane said he was delighted with news. "It’s like a movie getting five stars or a student getting an A+. They loved it."

You can see an interactive version of the bear here .

The Happitaps is iPhone or iPod touch powered interactive toy designed for ages 18 months and up. As we can see from the images, the interactive teddy bear is plush and stuffed for cute appearance and cozy touch feeling. The adorable big head with a cutout allows you to slide in your iPhone or iPod touch. With the help of free main app or additional content for in-app purchase, the teddy bear is able to entertain your kid in many ways such as cheating, sharing fun facts, teaching counting, telling jokes, reading stories, singing classic children’s songs and more. Moreover, your kid can also feed the with various foods and find out his favorites.

Interactive teddy bear helps kids manage diabetes

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Many kids like playing those well-designed iOS games like Angry Birds, Ninja Fruit and etc. But if you wish your kids learn more from games, the following Happitaps interactive Teddy Bear may be able to catch your eyes.

We already know that the iPhone can do just about anything and now it is about to become a cute a cuddly friend to your kids as well. Meet the Happitaps iPhone Interactive Bear. Just slide your iPhone or iPod Touch in and you have an instant furry companion.