Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City


Imaginext DC Super Heroes Hall of Justice Playset

Be sure to check out the Imaginext contest microsite is launching in October at . YTV will be promoting this during the fall season where contestants will be able to play an online game and unlock the next phase of the game by solving clues. By registering to play the game, contestants will be entered to win 1 of 5 $300 Imaginext prize packs which include:

And now Imaginext is turning on the adventure by introducing the new . Join Ed and his friends as they discover worlds of adventure as firefighters in Hot Time in the City and as a knights in Through the Crystal Eye!

The Imaginext Rescue City Center includes:

3 X Fisher Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Catwoman

By Imaginext

 $36.29 with Free Shipping!

Imaginext looks to be like one of the top toys for the holidays!

Like most children, my children are no exception to the rule. I will often find my children playing in their own little world which can involve a couple of their favorite toys or just the two of them using their memories. Just the other day my husband and I were sitting in the dining room while our children quietly played. All of a sudden, after a considerable amount of quiet time had passed, they came running out from the living room in their Halloween costumes from last year. Super Girl and Bat Girl come swooping around the corner wanting to know is we would join their super hero training center. We asked them what they were training for and they preceded to show us their “moves” which consisted of them jumping around while (I think) trying to protect us from “bad guys”. I love their imagination!

One of the most powerful things that a child has is their imagination. It can transport, transform and brighten a child’s day. There are certain toys that seem to brighten a child’s day and makes their imaginations prosper. And thanks to Imaginext, kids can make that happen as often. Whether it’s a Batman adventure or a trip on a fire truck, this is what kids love and love to do…play and imagine. Anything is possible with an action figure in hand!