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They should be kept away from children and pets because of the high temperature of the boiling water. Regardless of whether you decide on a humidifier or vaporizer, always be sure to clean it out every 1-2 weeks to reduce the chances of accumulating mold, mildew and bacteria. It is recommended to clean the tank of your unit using white vinegar, tap water, and bleach, allowing these liquids to soak in the tank for a few hours or overnight.

Also, always be sure to keep your humidifier or vaporizer in a safe place that will not be hazardous to children or pets. Prices of humidifiers often range from $20 - $200, while vaporizers usually range from $10 - $100. Each can be found at your local department store or drug store.

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  • Like other symptomatic treatments, in most cases, a humidifier or vaporizer, especially when used for a stuffy nose and cold symptoms, won't help your child get better any faster.
  • There are hidden costs to owning and using a humidifier or vaporizer. Many humidifiers need replacement filters or wicks. Knowing the cost of these replacement items and how often they have to be replaced can help you find the 'true' cost of your humidifier.
  • Some humidifiers are loud and have sound outputs that are higher than recommended noise limits for a baby's nursery and like infant sleep machines, could be a risk factor for later hearing loss.

What's the difference between Humidifier and Vaporizer

When it comes to pricing a humidifier vs vaporizer you will notice that vaporizers are often a little cheaper. Most vaporizers cost in the range of $15-$25, while humidifiers tend to cost a little more for a quality unit. Vaporizers are cheaper to produce, hence the lower price. However there also tends to be a larger failure rate on the cheaper units, which is often reflected in customer reviews. Most people buy a cheaper vaporizer for a season, throw it out, then buy another one the next year. There is nothing wrong with doing this, but it does seem a bit wasteful considering that you can get a quality humidifier that will last many years for around double the price. This would save you money in the long run.
If your mind is set on a vaporizer then make sure you go for a well known quality brand. Both humidifiers and vaporizers need cleaning to keep them in top shape, so there is no avoiding that. However a quality cool humidifier will last for many years, and there are no safety aspects to worry about (as long as you follow the recommended maintenance instructions). In our experience a humidifier is the most cost effective and reliable solution, but you should always read some user reviews to make sure that you are getting a worthwhile product before you make any purchases.

Humidifiers and vaporizers combat excessive dryness, prevent the build-up of static electricity, relieve discomfort associated with dry nose and skin, and help to prevent infants and young children from developing breathing problems due to dry air. They can also help relieve some of the symptoms caused by allergies or the , such as congestion or coughing. Those with or may also find relief with these devices.