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I'm gonna be honest, i didn't like him turning into a pony, this is supposed to be a Human in Equestria story, not a Human-in-a-pony-body in Equestria, but, whatever, You are the driver, and i'm just a passenger in this incredible story, now that the starting feeling is dying, i'm gonna say this:

Hmm, humans have no specialization, unlike the three pony types. Maybe a pegacorn is the natural for a human in Equestria? We're the jack of all trades, yet master of none. I'm tempted to say Changeling but only in so much as the form of one having both wings and horn. We crave companionship (herding?) but we don't drain love, and the most we can disguise ourselves with is a mustache and plastic glasses (no doppelganger magic sadly).

Let’s Play Emerald Dragon #01 - Human in Equestria

  • Recommended by IMpish, autobot, Clato Lawa
  • Synopsis: An OC Human in Equestria shipfic. Lero has been trapped in Equestria by mysterious forces, and is now merely trying to make a life and family for himself while among a new species and culture. WARNING: Explicit sexual content.
  • Comments: Rather than go off on crazy adventures and fight evil, this story focuses on cultural misunderstandings and is driven by character interaction and development. It explores human vs pony psychology and rituals, and Values Dissonance has a very strong presence. It should also be noted that while most HiE fics focus on the human, this story is told from the point of view of Rainbow Dash. While it is eventually hinted that Lero was sent to Equestria by The Fair Folk, it never factors into the story aside from the emotional ramifications.
  • It now has a Scrapbook Story sequel written by Twilight Sparkle, two collections of side stories set at various points in the timeline, a one-shot dealing with Lero's taboo against public nudity, and a spinoff saga focusing on when Twilight Sparkle accidentally swapped her friends' cutie marks.

Human Derpy in Equestria Girls (HD)