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I made this Hulk Fist Cake on Friday, then Saturday spent the whole day geocaching with my Mama, five of my kiddos and my niece, then Sunday was church and an ice cream social + a celebration for our pastor and his family who’ve been at our church for 15 years. I have lots of pics, so stay with me… first, the Hulk Fist Cake:

I wanted to call the 100% cotton Hulk Fist Bump 30 Single T-Shirt the 'Hulk Terrorist Fist Jab 30 Single T-Shirt' but apparently 'terrorist' is not something you wanna use all that much on the internet! Immensely soft, the Hulk Fist Bump 30 Single T-Shirt has a distressed 'symbol' for the Hulk which pretty much just represents his closed fist. Well, at least you'll know what he's going to throw if you ever play 'rock-paper-scissors' with Bruce Banner's alter ego!

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Marvel Hulk Fist Pewter Key Ring

You know what will keep people away from your left over pizza in the refrigerator? The 2.5 inch tall Hulk Fist Chunky Magnet! Nobody wants to mess with Bruce Banner and nobody wants to mess with this .25 inch thick 3D magnet, ergo, that pizza of yours shall remain safe See? The transitive property works! Put Marvel's gamma-rage-monster-beast to work with the Hulk Fist Chunky Magnet!

Hulk is a big green scary guy… yet my 5 year old thinks he is awesome! He often eats his lunch and before he takes a bite says “HULK SMASH FOOD” and then chomps down and takes a big bite. Or when he is playing he will jump on a pillow and say “Hulk Smash Pillow”. Silly boy makes us laugh and has a great imagination. If your little one is a fan of superheroes too, then they are going to love these Hulk Smash Cupcakes. Made to look like Hulks fist.