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3 Pound Weighted Hula Hoop. Perfect for Dancing, Hot Fitness Workouts and Simply the Funnest Way to Lose Weight.

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As it's only a couple of weeks until we are hulahooping on Chachani, it's time to meet the volunteers who are doing the challenge. Check out our latest video:

To support a broader PR campaign led by PR Darling, HulaHoop was engaged to draft and execute all written aspects of Easy Tiger’s Press Kit; from band profiles, to individual bios for members Katie Hansen and Claire Elliott.

The modern hula hoop was invented in 1958 by Arthur K

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  • LET ME EASE YOUR DAY - fibre movement

Hoopnotica - Find Yourself in the Hoop

Earlier this summer, and dropped “Must Be” for , annual BBQ compilation. The triad are back at it again, and just about ready to unleash the ruckus that is their joint 4-track EP, One Night Stand. Ahead of its October release, they offer a first listen with “Hulahoop” in this Dancing Astronaut premiere.

Commencing with thumping bass, the track works up a sweat with surging percussions and warbling synths. A sinister “show me your hulahoop” vocal sample rounds off the initial drop, kneading in glitchy bass before a drawn out “aloha” sample. What follows is a blast of wicked synths, big brass, and grand horns, culminating as a club-ready feature that’s sure to get the crowd jumping and jiving.