Quarterback Training - How to Grip a Football

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How to Grip a Football in Quarterback Training; ..

Holding the may seem intuitive if you’ve been playing for a few years, but for many beginners it is not. The football is an odd shape, and learning to grip it correctly will dramatically improve your throws. Some people are told to put your fingertip on the point of the football. Others learn to palm the nose of the football where the ball is at a narrow point. Both of those are myths! To help throw the football a longer distance, place your ring finger on the second lace of the football (starting from the back of the laces) at your second knuckle. Take your index finger and place it just over the stitch line. The pinky should be underneath the lace. Then, place your thumb directly under your index finger. When throwing the football, get the tip of it angled slightly up and let the ball roll off your finger tips. For more information, check out our brief video on how to grip a football for a better throw.

Hi my name is Otis St. Clair and I'm here today to teach you how to grip a football. Now, most people don't know how to grip a football, believe it or not. John Elway probably didn't know how to grip a football at age five. But he was taught correctly. The wrong way to grip a football is to try and hold it right in the fat part. If you have small hands that's probably not an easy part of the ball to grab. So the basic way or the proper way to grip a football is to grab near to smaller part of the football, placing your index finger and your thumb right at the end of the small part, and then what you want to do is make sure that you have your middle finger and your second to last finger right on what's called the "Threads" and then to have your pinkie somewhere outside of that. You should have a little bit of a space, a little bit of a pocket right here in between the football and the palm of your hand, and you want to have a tight, tight squeeze on it. So as the ball is not to slip out, and that's just the basic way that you have to grip a football. Not like this, not like this, but like this. Remember, thumb, index, middle finger on the thread, second to last finger on the thread, pinkie, that's how you grip a football. My name's Otis, go grab a football.

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How to Grip a Football | Made Man

Knowing how to grip a football properly is an important skill for every player. It is most important for a quarterback to know how to grip a football, as that grip is going to affect how he throws. Before you start learning how to grip a football you will need to gather the following items.