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Draw Animals for Kids, How to Draw Animals for Kids - Part 2

This step of lesson "How to draw Lion for kids" is very easy. You need only add the details of the lion's muzzle. Lastly, draw the tail and tip of the tail.

I have again another Pegasus lesson going up, but this time it is going to be for kids. I find myself being attracted to two things lately, chibi Pokémon characters, and drawing animals for kids. Even though Pegasus is a fantasy creature, its creation is based on a horse. Inspired from the new My Little Pony figures I have been uploading; this tutorial will show you "how to draw Pegasus for kids", step by step. Drawing one of these flying horses is pretty neat because not only are you creating something beautiful, there is an interesting story behind the myth. I won’t go into details because I must have submitted a few Pegasus or flying horse lesson before. I want you guys to have fun because I know that there is nothing to it when it comes to following a tutorial geared towards novice artists and even adults. I hope you all have fun, I will return in a few folks so either be here or be square.

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    Awe, how cute is this picture of two adorable kittens. Those who are familiar with the tutorials on Dragoart, know that there is a lot of lessons based on kittens drawn in all sorts of ways. This means that I have written a lot about these baby felines, so I will make this tutorial description short and sweet. My sister and another member asked me if I could make a tutorial on "how to draw kittens for kids", step by step. Of course I said yes because who doesn't love kittens. These adorable animals are always fun to watch as they play and act silly. The older they get the more loving they become. Kittens are one of my favorite baby animals because of their personalities as adolescents. Puppies are awesome too, but kittens have a lot more going for them. Anyways, this lesson is going to be super easy and fun to tackle. You will find that drawing kittens for kids will be one of the funnest tuts you tackle today. I still have one more submission coming your way folks so try to stay tuned in to see what it is. Peace out, adios, and enjoy!

    I’m back, for a while :3 It has been a long time since I have uploaded stuff, and I uploaded a simple tutorial on how to draw a fox, but more of a share; a lesson found on DragoArt. Oh! That’s right. DragoArt is a great place to visit if you want to learn how to draw animals for kids. I’ll upload original stuff, sooner or later, but when there isn’t anything here, check out DragoArt!