The Company Behind the Hover Ball

Hover Ball - Blue


(Ship from USA) Hover Ball - Color may vary /ITEM#H3NG UE-EW23D163589

I have never been able to use an actual name brand Hover Ball, however, the one I made works exactly like I would expect a purchased one to. And after seeing a review I think it certainly stacks up! Very exciting.

I'm from Argentina, in here we born with a soccer ball already attached to our feets and I know how you sould not kick a ball (both for aiming and to prevent injuries and falls), and this Hover Ball only allows you to kick it the way you shouldn't with a real ball.

Hover ball joint one set(up & low) in one box.

Sherman puts the hover ball to the test on Does It Work Wednesday.

I thought that's how they worked (with some kind of motorized fan) before I watched a review of the product. The name 'Hover Ball' is misleading. They are much more simple than the name suggests.

The ball itself is not really a ball, it's like half a ball, a hemisphere. The flat surface is what allows the Hover Ball to move across the floor with ease.