Vintage 24-Car Hot Wheels Carrying Case

Hot Wheels Molded 48 Car Case - Colors and Styles May Vary


Hot Wheels Storage Case in Toy Storage - Organize-It

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Correction: I said that Snoopy imagined that he was a German fighter pilot. Actually, he was fighting the Germans, particularly the Red Baron. Cooltoads indicated that Snoopy is Brittish.

Sorry, YouTube won't allow me to post the complete list but some highlights from the box were:

Snoopy (2014 New Model)
Lamborghini Veneno (2014 New Model)
So Plowed (2014 New Model)
Custom V-8 Vega (Voting video )
Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
Datsun 620
Twin Mill (Team Hot Wheels, The Origin Of Awesome)
Baja Truck (Team Hot Wheels, The Origin Of Awesome)
Bone Shaker, closed roof (Team Hot Wheels, The Origin Of Awesome)
Quik n' Sik (Team Hot Wheels, The Origin Of Awesome)
Twinduction (basic Treasure Hunt with Circle Flame Logo)

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2012 Heat Fleet Voting video (Vega!)

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Outside this awesome piece is covered in images of your favorite Hot Wheels cars; Kids can show off their collection without even opening the box! Inside is filled with 18 slots that are the exact right size for Hot Wheels, making it easy to organize toys. The small spaces are great for other toys too. Fun organizers like this one make it super simple to involve kids in clean up and help nurture healthy habits that will follow them through the rest of their life. The lightweight Hot Wheels Storage Case is a great toy organizer.

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With space to store up to 20 of your favorite Hot Wheels cars, the Hot Wheels Battle Case from Neat-Oh! acts as a launch site for all of your biggest races. Flip out the track and let slide up to 4 Hot Wheels cars at a time down in the ultimate race to the finish. This durable, portable, and functional case makes both play and storage easy with 20 dividers built to keep your car collection organized and accessible.

Hot Wheels display case. Display case holds 108 hot wheels sized model cars. Crystal clear acrylic, with mirrored back and hinged door. Shows off your diecast cars while protecting them from dust and unwanted handling.