HEXBUGS Nano Elevation Habitat Set includes:

HEXBUGS Nano Elevation Habitat Set includes:

Hexbug Nano Habitat Set


Innovation First Hexbug Nano Habitat Set with 2 Hexbug Nano Units

Hexbug Nano Habitat Set is a great present for my 5 year old son. It fits together easily and comes with two Hexbugs. He loves it and hasn't stopped playing with it.

Daughter really wanted this Hexbug Nano Habitat Set and absolutely loves it. She has since spent her money on the elevation set and now we only have half a front room to use. This isn't too bad as I play with it and it's a whole load of fun. Stock up on AG13 button cells though, they're cheap enough to buy online.

Hexbug Nano Habitat Set, Habitats - Amazon Canada

Hexbug Nano Habitat Set Hexbug Nano Habitat Set
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"Innovation First Hex Bug Nano Elevation Habitat Set"

Some geeks appreciate creepy crawly bugs for who they really are, while others would rather they come in robotic form. Hexbug Nanos are twelve-legged electronic bug friends that come in all different colors, and the Hexbug Nano Habitat Set gives them a place to roam free.

This Hexbug Nano Habitat Set was a gift for a child who had requested this on his list. He absolutely loved it and hasn't stopped playing with it.