Best way to heat up refrigerated breast milk

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How to warm and reheat stored breast milk

Did you know there is a recommended method for heating up breast milk? It’s true. Just as there is a correct way to store breast milk, there is also a proper way to serve it to your baby.

Bottle warmers are like the rice cookers of the breastfeeding world. You can set your breast milk to “cook,” then forget about it until it’s ready. Every warmer is different; some require you to add water to steam the milk while others don’t. Some are battery-powered while others use cords. Most will accept all bottle sizes. Some will even sterilize your pacifiers. To heat the breast milk, simply stick the bottle of milk in the warmer and follow the instructions. Before you heat up breast milk bags, make sure the bottle warmer you are using is safe for bags.

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  • Only one press of a button to heat up the breast milk in the baby bottle. 
  • Best Practices for Handling Breast Milk | BabyGearLab

    Heating up breast milk improperly can cause “hot spots” in the milk which could burn your baby’s mouth. It is best to steer clear of using a microwave to heat up breast milk and instead opt to heat it on the stove top or in hot water. Overheating and microwaving breast milk can ruin the nutritional value of it. Make sure you are being attentive during the heating process so that any boiling or overflow can be prevented.

    The Difrax S-bottle warmer is designed to hold an S-bottle with a heating element inside to heat up your breast milk. So you can use that same S-bottle to feed your baby its warm breast milk. And you can enjoy all the other benefits of the S-bottle, such as the anti-colic system and the ergonomic design. The heating element is easy to clean and is even dishwasher safe.