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Wilton Decorator Preferred 10-Inch Heart Shaped Cake Pan


Vintage BAKE KING Aluminum Heart Shaped Cake Pans by JunqueDuJour

These heart shaped cake pans are industrial grade which means that they are the perfect pan for both home and professional kitchens. Their heavy construction means that cakes will cook without burning on the bottom and with high sides, spillage is never an issue. Bake the most adorable cakes, brownies, breads and much more with these versatile pans.

Share the love in your establishment, and craft customized cakes for your patrons on holidays, weddings, and other events. Guests will appreciate the option of ordering a cake baked in a heart shape cake pan for their loved ones. Not only do these pans allow you to get creative, they cut down the hassle and prep time of trying to shape your own products. To make decorating your heart cake easier, be sure to invest in the proper , , and . If you're wondering where to buy heart shaped cake pans, we have a large selection available at the lowest prices.

Bake your next cake using this Heart Shaped Cake Pan 9"x2"

It is great for Valentines Day, birthdays, anniversaries and more

Since it’s February and all things February are Valentines Day themed, I thought I’d show you how to make a heart shaped cake using pans you already have in the house! All you need is a circle shaped pan (I used a pie pan) and a square pan (I used a Pyrex Baking dish). Line the pans with parchment paper, fill with your desired batter (I used a regular brownie box mix) putting equal amounts of batter in each of the pans. Bake. Then allow to cool on a wire rack. Then simply remove the parchment paper and set out a new piece of parchment paper or plate where you want your final cake to go. Cut the circle in half, turn the square diagonally and put one of the haves of the circle on each top side of the square. Cover with desired frosting (I used the whipped cream frosting I made in the equal parts whipping cream to powdered sugar) and then you’re all done, enjoy!

Available in a variety of options and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect heart shaped cake pan for your baking needs. Choose from coated pans for easy release, or extra-deep pans for a thicker product. Regardless of what you’re baking, these heart shaped cake pans eliminate cutting, shaping, and evening out edges when trying to freehand a cake into a heart shape!