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Halo ODST was originally supposed to be an expansion to Halo 3, but one thing led to another and it became a full game title. Releasing as a “complete” and seperate game meant there were expectations to be met, such as a fully fleshed out campaign and a refreshing change to multiplayer. Unfortunately only the latter was true.

I remember my experience when I first installed Halo Combat Evolved onto my laptop. The engaging story and the intense multiplayer had me hooked. I knew from the moment I started playing Halo that I would be a die hard fan for years. The Halo series only improved from title to title, bringing in dual wield, new weapons, awesome vehicles, and of course refined multiplayer experience accompanied by a full 6+ hour campaign. Every Halo title was an amazing experience all except for Halo ODST.

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Multi-player is where this can get interesting. It could be done in one of two ways. First is keep it simple, same recipe of team vs team play with the option of working together. Second method would be make multi-player 1v1 and have each player control a squad to duke it out in gunnery skills as well as strategic use of squad mates. Or maybe they do a third option, something more creative than anything I could think of. The important part is that they give a NEW multi-player experience instead of recycling the old. I wouldn’t want to see Halo Reach or Halo 4’s multiplayer reused for Halo ODST 2.

IF a ODST sequel is ever made I hope that something completey new is brought to the table instead of just borrowing engines over from the previous title and adding a new feature or two only to slap a full game price on top of it all. I am not saying in anyway that the original Halo 3 ODST was a failure, but by simply having “Halo 3” in the title instead of it just being called “Halo ODST” it oozes expansion pack and laziness. Treat Halo ODST 2 with respect and nurture it into a complete experience with its own multiplayer and campaign.