It is the right call to make this game need a guitar controller.

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Just remember - it is a guitar MIDI controller - not a guitar!

Common features among these controllers (with the exception of s "pro" guitar controllers) are a set of five colored "fret" buttons on the neck (green, red, yellow, blue and orange) a "strum bar" (around where the pickups on an electric guitar would be) and whammy bar (corresponding to its real-life position) on the body. Additionally, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 controllers also feature a , start and select/back buttons and a Home/Guide button. For navigation within the system menus, the strum bar acts as "up" and "down" on the d-pad (the dedicated d-pad can also be used) while the fret buttons correspond to , , , and "L1" on PlayStation 3 or A, B, X, Y and left-bumper on Xbox 360.

Many officially licensed guitar controllers have been released, mostly affiliated with either the or franchises. These controllers are shaped to resemble guitars but are generally smaller than their real-life counterparts.

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Rhythm game accessories are often required to play available for various consoles, such as the , , , and . These include , guitar controllers, drum controllers, microphones and turntable controllers. With the exception of microphones, these controllers can generally be used to control any game (rhythm or otherwise), but have limited inputs, making them impractical for most games.

Guitar controllers for the PlayStation 2 may connect either to the system's controller ports or via USB; other than the original SG controllers, most PS2 controllers are wireless via a transceiver dongle. All those on the PlayStation 3 connect to the system via USB; most do so wirelessly via a USB transceiver dongle. On the Xbox 360, guitar controllers may be connected either by USB or wirelessly using the console's integrated 2.4 GHz wireless technology (dependent on the particular controller).