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That’s right, it’s Guess Who, from us to you!

Hey Mr Marder
I like the Guess Who, GOOD band….just good. And im very happy that you’ll sing RUSH praises in your articles. But RUSH is far and away the Better band. Ofcourse these are all opinons who could possibly be objective.

The Guess Who’s musical output, if one takes the time to listen to it, stands head and shoulders above practically any group to ever enter a recording studio.

Title: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967)

Keep guessing Henry…and I’ll see you at Innovate!

I am astounded though at the last senetence in this article. As long as any Beatle or Stone or Zep or WHO and P-Floyd member was even in sight of a recording studio They are the far more important than a C-level RR band like the Guess who……cmon dude.

Rock royalty in their native country, the Guess Who did everything well. While they churned out a steady stream of radio hits, their albums may be the best listening of the Rock era, right next to the Beatles. For, like the Beatles’ LPs, Guess Who albums contained classic cuts from almost every genre of music, each group managing to forge a couple hit singles from each long player while avoiding filler and sameness on the rest of the cuts. And, no other group compared to the Beatles when it came to meshing humor into their recordings.